December 5, 2021
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  • 4:14 pm Is It Too Late to Buy Bitcoin?

The Federal Communications Commission defended its rollback of Obama era net neutrality protections on Thursday, filing a legal brief with a federal appeals court that argues the agency has the right to change its mind. The Republican-led FCC said it was within its legal right to roll back the 2015 rules, citing a Supreme Court […]

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A trio of patent applications hint at Facebook’s efforts to figure out your next move, when you’ll be offline and how best to advertise to you. The proposed patents, previously reported by Buzzfeed News, won’t necessarily result in these systems being implemented, but do give a sense of how the social network could take advantage […]


Airbnb is serious about business travel.  To back that up, the home-rental company on Monday shared updates about how people use its professional community, which was recently rebranded as Airbnb for Work to ‘better encompass the unique benefits only Airbnb can offer today’s modern workforce.’ Airbnb for Work bookings tripled from 2015 to 2016, and […]


Amazon on Tuesday said it will raise its minimum wage to $15 in the US, a response to mounting pressure over its wages and treatment of its warehouse workers. ‘We listened to our critics, thought hard about what we wanted to do, and decided we want to lead,’ Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos said […]


Not quite a year ago, I did something boneheaded: I bought eyeglasses from a retail store. That’s just always how I’d done it, and I went to this place because it’s affiliated with our healthcare insurance. Because I now wear progressive lenses (curse you, old eyes!), the grand total was well over $600 — and […]

Apple CEO Tim Cook Kicks Off Worldwide Developers Conference

If you want a sense of how much power Apple holds over Silicon Valley, take a look at what the iPhone maker did to Google and Facebook this week. On Wednesday, Apple yanked enterprise certificates — digital signatures that both the tech giants used to run software on iPhones and iPads. That shut down internal […]

Sandberg and Dorsey being sworn in

You know that feeling when something is important to you but other people just don’t care? That’s how some congressional lawmakers felt this week after Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and, notably, no one from Google testified for a combined eight hours before two committees. The hearings were kind of important, given […]

Virginia Primary Election

West Virginia will reportedly allow troops serving overseas to vote in November’s midterm elections using a mobile app. The mobile votes — an effort spearheaded on West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner — will act as alternatives to mailed paper ballots and the state’s counties can decide to adopt this approach on individual basis, […]


China is stepping up its fight against disinformation spreading online. Piyao, a platform hosted by the country’s Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission and state-run media Xinhua, was launched Wednesday to bust rumors and fake news disseminated across the internet. The move comes as official data showed a whopping 6.7 million reports of fake news in July. […]